"Life Talks" Presented by Love Your Body Feed Your Soul

Energy Shifts

We are so busy focusing on everything else around us, we get distracted with what is going on inside of us. 

It's time to find the importance of understanding our self worth, self being, self life, self LOVE.  How can you listen to yourself when you are constantly looking at everything else around you. It's time to look in. It's time to be present and it's time to show up for yourself. 

Give yourself an hour of YOUR time. Come join us and just BE, with me. Talk Life, Talk situations, open up, communicate. Start to LIVE the life you so badly want to embody. We will be enjoying natural refreshments provided by The Gallery, listening to beautiful live music and opening up about real life situations. 

Hope to see you here!  

For more information please visit Love your body feed your soul & www.lovebodyfeedsoul.com

$15 - Purchase Tickets