Imaginarium Pop-Up: Building & Drawing Workshop

Ignite your imagination and cultivate your innate creativity while feeding your fascination for building inventive models of scientific specimens and drawing exquisite organic objects, in our original ART SCIENCE COMPLEX "Imaginarium Pop-Up: Building & Drawing Workshop"

Comfortably occupying spacious communal tables in the cozy back corner, surrounded by a pattern garden of handmade papers, participants will receive expert instruction in this innovative hybrid, double-decker model building class AND still life drawing class from both Bruce Gemmell and Julie Rauer, Co-Founders of ART SCIENCE COMPLEX. Through the unique conduit of our ART SCIENCE COMPLEX "Imaginarium Pop-Up: Building & Drawing Workshop", together, we will inspire, instruct and guide participants in building and drawing organic objects, recognizing and manifesting the universally complex patterns, structures, forms, and functions in fascinating natural specimens. Including: pine cones and seed pods, sea shells and marine creatures, insects, dried Chinese medicinal fish and plants, preserved botanical objects, and strangely wondrous fossils.

In our living laboratory of imagination and rampant experimentation, we will all learn how to live as Speculists to study the essence of structure, inspire independent research projects, dissect and question the nature of function, philosophize on the future morphologies and applications of myriad organic objects and scientific specimens. Essential for artists, scientists, mathematicians, writers, engineers, chefs, architects, coders, our ART SCIENCE COMPLEX "Imaginarium Pop-Up: Building & Drawing Workshop", will change the way you perceive, interpret, process and manifest... the world surrounding you.

*Workshop ticket price includes BOTH the model building class, AND our still life drawing class, and further includes ALL model making materials, drawing supplies, and scientific specimens.

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$25 - Purchase tickets